DCMH newsletter of 2020

It is my great pleasure to extend heartfelt greetings to the readers of the first issue of the DCMH newsletter of 2020

In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the DCMH has actively been working with the Departments of Health and Social Development to combat this and ensure all patients in our care get the basic PPE materials to protect themselves during this time. We have also ensured a social distancing at all live-in residence which is following the regulations set by the Department of Health. We currently have no reported cases of COVID-19 and intend on maintaining it that way.

The Durban and Coastal Mental Health Institution was established in 1940. Since then, the primary task of the organization has been to work with individuals, families, and communities to achieve the highest possible level of mental health for all and maintain this by striving for recognition and protection of mental health rights.  In the past 8 decades, we have made a considerable amount of change by empowering communities, creating job opportunities. This all would have not been possible without the help from our generous sponsors.

Regrettably, in the light of this, we have also experienced a huge financial deficit as most sponsors have withdrawn due to numerous reasons. This in turn has impacted us in several ways. We now find our 7 residences inadequate to assist all those in need of our services because of space constraints. The organization has vast vacant land but is unable to build due to a lack of financial assistance. Our plea to the community at large is to assist this organization that has changed and impacted lives positively for the past 8 Decades.


 However, in as much as we may still find it difficult to provide services to all that come through our doors, we have successfully achieved providing meals three (3) times a day at all 7 residences whilst providing excellent care from our qualified nurses and in psychologists in each facility. This would not be possible without the unceasing commitment to fundraising, cost-cutting, and creative merging. Praise and appreciation are extended to every member of staff of the DCMH for consistently meeting the exact demands of this organization. Your efforts do not go unrecognized. To our funding stakeholders, on whose generosity our sustainability is critically dependent, we extend our gratitude. We are humbled by your willingness to partner with the DCMH in serving the most vulnerable in our community, despite the COVID-19 pandemic and economic strain that forces us all to constrict our funds.

 Although the newsletter format is limited in the amount of in-depth information it can provide, we will make every effort to describe our latest achievements in detail, and as well as the activities of the Board of Directors and that of the organization as a whole.

I’d like to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Board of Directors for your devotion, honesty, and generosity in your contributions to the organization. It is an honor to serve as Chairperson with men and women of your stature.

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